“Faith” © Louie Rochon Photography

I can only shoot in the dark, when it’s quiet, when I’m alone, usually in the middle of the night, just me and my flower, in my studio, we dance, for hours. And sometimes, on occasion, if I’m very patient, very, very still, my flower will reveal its essence to me, to share, with my friends. This is my love, my passion, my addiction.

Louie Rochon

louie-rochon-profileWhen I first saw one of Louie’s flowers I had to know more, who was this guy who could create images of such stunning beauty and what had shaped his life? As so often with highly creative individuals his story is one of heights and depths most of us never know. He is such an inspiration I am thrilled to be sharing these pages with him.

Louie had successful careers in real estate, restaurants and marketing, alongside a lifetime struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, unaware he suffered from mental illness. For two years he walked 5,200 miles alone across the US in support of a charity, an incredibly rewarding journey that was also a personal meltdown.

Now he works full-time growing this new career. “I feel incredibly blessed to have the time, health and passion to create. It’s never too late to start a new career. I’m only 61. I’ve had many lives in this life, I still have time for another. Photography allows me not only to survive, but thrive, with passion and joy.”

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You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams