Chosen One

“Chosen One” © Louie Rochon Photography

“I loved working with Ana, she teaches in ways I’ve never encountered before that are personal and very supportive, and we had fun. She has helped me recognise the skills I have, taught me new ones, and encouraged my creativity to flourish in a more concise and dynamic way. I have regained confidence in myself and my writing whilst working with her and appreciate her clarity and honest appraisal.”

Sandra Williams

“There’s a great power in words if you don’t hitch too many of them together.”

Josh Billings

“I would never have thought of taking classes in improving my writing if I hadn’t been introduced to Ana. But I’m glad I did. i spend much of my working life writing, communicating ideas, reports, responding to queries, and I could see that I had a style that was just business like and anonymous. A lack of style would describe it better. Ana has opened my eyes to using my own personality, helped me organise my work, and focus on clarity. I’m enjoying the process, and colleagues have noticed and commented which feels good. it has added another dimension to my working life, exploring myself.”

Alasdair Collings

You Are Here To Create

For some the power of words is compelling. The dream is waking to a day of writing, with a clear vision, feeling the flow of your own true voice filling the page, and that scrunch of excitement when a new idea arrives. The ultimate joy is in knowing that your authentic and unique voice is out there in the world, people are paying to read it, and your story is heard.

For others, writing is an integral part of the working world, communicating with colleagues and clients. A simple message or a detailed report, both are well received. Both convey personality, confidence and all the essential information. People look forward to hearing from you, and writing is a significant and accomplished expression of who you are.

Or writing may be simply for your own pure pleasure. You love writing a blog, describing your experiences of life, sharing what you’ve learned with others. And you enjoy writing to family and friends, entertaining, keeping them interested and engaged with your life. It’s a joyful way of reaching out and connecting that fulfils you.

So why don’t we feel that ease and flow within us naturally?

We’re all born with the unlimited potential to become anything we might choose. But sadly, as we leave childhood, the world teaches us that in all things we must judge and compare, most especially ourselves. So we become our own harshest critic.

It’s easy to believe we’re only as good as we think we are, which is often infinitely less than our true capabilities. We find the flow of words falter as a subtle inner voice keeps telling us… That doesn’t sound right… I can’t find the words… it’s boring… no one wants to read this… people will just laugh…

Where is the key to your own authentic voice?

It has nothing to do with the extent of your education, the size of your vocabulary, or a certain style of writing. Einstein said our imagination is more important than knowledge. It comes first and foremost from your heart, from feelings, then through your mind, which shapes them into words and arranges them on the page.

Our true nature is in our emotions, and in feeling free to create through them. Even the factual is inspired by heartfelt expression. And every one of us has a unique vision. No one has walked in your shoes and experienced life just as you have, so no one else can express themselves quite like you.

How do you let go of your critic and feel creative freedom?

We can all suffer from fear of failure, of our thoughts and feelings being seen and heard and rejected. It can be raw and uncomfortable, and not easy to face on your own. So having a guide and a safe place to share is a great start to facing that fear head on.

You will have direction, exercises tailored to the kind of writing that interests you, and plenty of encouragement to grow and expand your own skill. All you need is the willingness to let go of how you think you should write, and stay open. The essence of the journey is in learning that you are capable of so much more than you know. And as that confidence in self expression grows, your joy in writing reveals itself.

What To Expect

“When you’re drowning you don’t think, I would be incredibly pleased if someone would notice I’m drowning and come and rescue me. You just scream.”

John Lennon

This is the essence of our eight week journey – cutting through the expectations of the mind and finding the direct route to your own true voice. It’s less about how it sounds and more about how it feels, because that’s how your readers connect with you. It doesn’t matter what you want to write, it’s going to be another human being reading it. Engaging emotionally, with humour, pathos, or spine chilling fear, is far more compelling than speaking to the intellect.

So you’ll be diving deep into your life and beliefs and learning to let go of what’s no longer relevant to who you are now. Coming to a clearer understanding of what makes you individual is crucial to finding your own voice and how you want to express it. We all see, hear, and observe uniquely, no two individuals would tell a story the same way.

Alongside this inner work you’ll be practising the craft of writing, and the course will be tailored specifically to the skills it would best serve you to develop. We may cover structure, flow, grammar, organising your material, establishing characters, plotting a story line, dialogue and for everyone, the art of editing. There’s no pressure to get it right, it’s all learning. We’re aiming for a true and heartfelt reflection of you coupled with a deeper understanding of writing skills. And from that place you can focus with greater clarity and confidence on your way ahead as a writer of whatever kind.

What to expect from me

I teach from over thirty years of experience in writing, and also with intuition and insight. So I can focus on the areas where you need help and support in the way you use and choose words, and also in self expression. I can read between the lines what’s you and what’s not, and help you to recognise it too.

Assignments – each week you’ll have tasks to complete, some of them writing around 500 words, and some of them requiring you to look within and get to know yourself. One written exercise will be returned to me, and you’ll keep a journal that records your findings as you complete the other tasks..

Skype – Once a week we’ll meet on Skype and review what you’ve achieved and I’ll listen to how you feel about your progress and guide you forward. I’ll also send you feedback on your written work and useful further resources. As the weeks progress we’ll look back to previous tasks and see how each is building on the one before.

On average there will be about three to four hours work a week that needs your dedicated time and attention, and if you can give it more, all the better. You can email me at any time for additional support during the week.

Your commitment to yourself

To find the best in yourself and your writing needs an open mind, and the honesty to let go of old beliefs that no longer reflect the truth of who you are. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but this is a safe and private space in which to practice true self expression.

Keeping your journal is important. All the exercises are equally rewarding as they lead to deeper understanding and awareness, the foundations for your writing. It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are, to write fiction or fact, as your confidence grows so does the joy of writing.

Why Me, Why Now?

Why Me

I was a young woman joining a male oriented family business and they didn’t really know what to do with me. Then my Dad had an idea. “I know, she can do marketing.” So I had a four day training course and then learnt the rest by trial and error over many years.

I had one product to promote, and I wrote about it every day, over and over again, searching for something new and inspiring to capture attention. And sometimes I stared at the wall for hours, willing the words to flow. But there were deadlines to meet, days became years and I learned my craft by doing it. I didn’t know it, but It was the best writer’s training ground I could have found.

The essential added ingredient came later as I travelled, let go of the past and got to know myself without any of my previous labels. It opened so many doors to creativity, learning to write from the heart without fear of judgement, and with joy in self expression.

So I teach both – the craft of good writing, and understanding who you are, so you may find your own true voice. Everyone needs encouragement and I agree with Henry Van Dyke “Use the talent you possess, for the woods would be quiet if no birds sang except the best.”

Why Now?

I left so much so late and I can’t regret it for that is of no value. But I can urge you to follow your heart and find your self expression just as soon as you start to feel it calling. Life is a choice, and it’s your life. Chose consciously and honestly.

Choose what makes you happy.

And do it now.

How it works

Free 30 minute consultation

Before committing to any work together let’s talk, via Skype or telephone. You can ask any questions you like and we can both get a sense of how well we would work together.

Or – Free feedback

Send me around 500 words of anything you’ve written and I’ll return it with an appraisal that shows you how I work. Either way you’ll know if you want to continue.

Dive Deep

This is the full programme which can be taken across two months or four, as you choose. Each week or fortnight you’ll have a set of assignments tailored for you, some of then writing around 500 words, followed by an hour’s review via Skype.

You can have unlimited email support throughout the course, or a quick impromptu Skype session if needed and time zones allow.

There are three payment options

€760 payable in full in advance
€390 payable in advance and the again after session four.
€265 payable in advance then again after session three and six.

Specific subjects

There may be one particular area of your writing where you would like guidance – editing, organising your material, plotting a story line, whatever it is we can define it clearly in a 30 minute free consultation. Then I send you an assignment to work on and return to me. This is followed by an hours’ Skype session, which I follow up with a summary and recommendations.

After two weeks, or longer if you choose, we’ll have a half hour Skype session to review progress. €150 payable in advance

A review of your work

For any piece of writing up to about 2,000 words the same process applies as above. We discuss during a free consultation, and you send me the work. Then we talk on Skype and I send you a summary and appraisal, followed up by a half hour Skype when you choose. €150 payable in advance

To meet your needs

If you feel you want something tailored to you that is not covered above I am happy to discuss, give it some thought, and send you an outline and a price.