Scarlet Ladies

“Scarlet Ladies” © Louie Rochon Photography

“There were so many areas of my life where I wanted change that I felt overwhelmed and unable to focus on any of them. So to be truly listened to, with love and without judgement, was releasing and empowering beyond measure. Talking to Ana helped me hear myself and feel what I really want. Then it was much easier to start taking the steps towards it. Thank you, Ana, for changing my perception of myself and pointing me towards the life I truly deserve.”

Catherine Stell

“Working with Ana has helped me to make huge changes in my life. For years I have been taking classes, seminars and any other offers that I thought might help me to get a clearer direction for my life. Sadly I still felt stuck. When I started working with Ana she immediately tapped into what exercises would help me most. I still can’t believe how quickly we got to my core issues that I was so unaware of. I felt a strong sense of safety and trust working with Ana and I would highly recommend working with her if you ever get the chance.”

Donna Pronk

“Ana has been fantastic to work with, She has inspired me with a sprinkling of magic whilst keeping me grounded and practical. Ana has helped me to achieve clarity and confidence with just one session during a period of considerable change in my life – encouraging me to take the path that will lead to a fulfilling life”.

Rosemary Roberts

You’re here to be happy.

To feel the thrill of waking up in a life you love, at ease with who you are, and looking forward to the day ahead. Excited, full of ideas, feeling the flow of everything you’re working on coming together. And when you feel like this there’s nothing you can’t do, and nothing you can’t have. It’s all there, it keeps arriving and life just gets better. You know without question this is what you deserve, and that you are loving, and loved.

So why aren’t we in touch with this joy all the time?

Because we are what we think we are. Nothing keeps us contained more than our own thoughts. Nothing limits us more than our fears. And nothing controls us so well as our beliefs. Especially when it comes to ourselves. So often who we think we are begins in our mind with… I can’t… I’m not… I don’t… I’m too… I haven’t… I could never…

It can be incredibly difficult to break out of these self imposed restraints. We’ve been taught all our lives how to think, feel and act, and to judge ourselves, everyone and everything around us with every breath. It clouds how and what we see, and it seems inescapable. But it’s not the truth. It’s just the circular thought patterns we’ve gathered and maintained.

So where is the key to happiness?

It’s not in another person, in a particular place, or in things. All of them can enhance your happiness, but nothing outside you fills that hole for long. What you’re looking for is right there inside, in the child you were – the one who experienced wonder, delight, joy, excitement, tears and frustration.

You lived in the moment, followed your instincts and feelings and reached out for whatever you wanted, there and then. There was nothing inside saying you can’t do that, you can’t have that, you can’t be that. You were ready to reach for anything.

So that’s who you are, it just got buried.

You don’t have to go looking for happiness, but instead re-connect to that pure sense of self that is your child. Our true nature is in our emotions, our feelings, and in being free to express them. But as we grew we were taught to conceal how we felt, to conform and to fit in. And so much of our natural joy and creativity became stifled and we settled for less.

How do you get back to that joy?

Without support it can be overwhelming, even knowing where to begin. But with a guide to lead the way there is a path to follow, and you can be seen, heard and understood. It’s not about targets and goals, its about finding your authentic self, and how you want your life to be.

The only essential you need for the journey is your willingness to let go of who you think you should be in order to find your true self. In this there is healing, painful layers of the past dissolve, questions and self doubt start falling away. The space inside for peace, for joy and the happiness you’ve dreamed of just grows. And the way forward clears.

What To Expect

“The most important thing in life is to find out who you are, and the first step is knowing who you are not.”

Mike Robinson

This is the essence of the journey. The eight weeks we spend together is designed to strengthen your awareness of your true self, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual you. It’s a personal and intimate unfolding of what you do and why you do it, leading you to understand what’s driving you, your hidden motives and the emotional patterns that keep playing out in your life.

As well as bringing greater peace within, this increasing self awareness also leads to deeper understanding, tolerance and compassion for those around you, easing the stress and tension of daily life. And all this makes space for joy. The more you come to know yourself and understand your relationships with others the happier your life can be.

Feeling good about yourself is the key to doing well in life. So alongside this inner journey we also begin to build a profile of what you really want your life to look like. As you become more fully self aware this may change, or strengthen in it’s desire to be fulfilled, and new ideas and opportunities could emerge. There is no pressure and you can’t get anything wrong, it’s all learning. We’re looking for greater clarity, focus and excitement about the way ahead.

What to expect from me.

First and foremost I am here to help you take each step, to support and to listen. People start to heal the moment they feel heard, and so often in our daily lives we never do feel anyone is really listening.

Assignments – Each week you’ll have several tasks to complete, some of them practical and physical, and some which require you to look deeply within. You’ll keep a journal and record all your findings.

Skype – Once a week we’ll meet on Skype and review what you’ve achieved. You don’t have to share with me all you find, unless you choose, but I can listen to how you are feeling, answer questions and offer guidance. As the weeks progress we’ll look back to previous tasks and see how each is building on the one before.

Each person comes at this in their own way and some take longer than others, but on average there will be about two to three hours work a week that needs dedicated time and attention for you to get the most out of the learning. And you can email me at any time for additional support during the week.

Your commitment to yourself

This course needs your input, your honesty, your heart, your courage and your voice. Each assignment has a purpose and is an integral part of the whole, even though at the time it may seem less than appealing.

Writing your findings in your journal is crucial to fully comprehending what you’re discovering and looking back is so rewarding. The more you put into the work the more you can enrich your life. Give it your best shot and we can and will open many doors into your world.

Why Me, Why Now

Why Me?

Watch the video on my About page, it’s less than three minutes, and you’ll get an idea of the journey I have taken towards finding my own joy in living. It’s not just theory for me, I’ve walked the talk and I’ve made it happen.

Much of my working life was about managing people and I created and ran training programmes. encouraging the best out of them. I found I had a flair for it, empathy and intuition that told me when someone could go further, if they just believed in themselves.

I worked hard, and it became obsessive. So when I left the UK and moved to Italy I had time on my hands. It’s easy to think that by moving to a new country everything changes, and a lot does, but wherever you go you take yourself with you. I could no longer avoid the search. for joy

For the last eight years I’ve been travelling inwards. It’s been hard but rewarding. I’ve scoured the internet, learning more than I ever had time to before. I’ve studied and worked with gifted and inspirational people who have opened my eyes to my full potential. And I’ve woken up to all I want my life to be.

So now I’ve married my past experience to my journey to freedom, and I help others find theirs. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, and I have such passion for sharing what has been given to me. At sixty eight I am more excited and alive than I have been since I was a child, and I have a heart full of dreams and ambitions. I can help you find yours.

Why Now?

Because now is the most important time there is. We can’t change the past and the future hasn’t arrived, so we’re only truly alive in the now. But we spend so much time looking back and reflecting on how different things could have been… or pushing things forward to later, next week, next year, when I have time. And nothing changes.

Without change we sink deeper into where we are and what we know, like it or not. And we numb ourselves into believing everything is OK. We surrender our dreams… I’ll just settle for this, it’s better for everyone. If you have uneasy thoughts that say – but it’s all about me and that’s just so selfish – then read the FAQs page.

Whatever it is you truly want, just begin.

How it works

Free 30 minute consultation

Before committing to any work together let’s talk, via Skype or telephone. You can ask any questions you like and we can both get a sense of how well we would work together.

Dive deep

This is the full immersion. It can be taken across two months or four as you choose. There are eight sets of assignments, tailored for you, to be undertaken in either a week or a fortnight, followed by an hour’s review via Skype.

You can have unlimited support by email throughout the course, or a quick impromptu Skype session if needed and time zones allow.

There are three payment options –

€760 payable in full in advance
€390 payable in advance and then again after session four
€265 payable in advance then again after session three and six.

Problem solving

If you feel blocked or stuck in any particular aspect of your life this could well be for you. During a free 30 minute consultation we establish where the difficulty lies, then by arrangement have an hour on Skype to work on it more fully.

Within three working days I’ll email a follow up with recommendations and a summary of our discussion. Then after two weeks, or longer if you choose, we’ll have a half hour Skype session to review progress. €150 payable in full in advance.

Something specific

During a free 30 minute consultation I’m happy to discuss whatever specific issues you want to deal with, give it some thought and then send you what I feel is the way we can work on it, and a price. I have long experience of life and a great deal of compassion, and it’s now my joy to help open doors for others wherever I can.